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Conditions of Use


November 24th, 2013

This terms can be modified at any time.

Copyright abuse:


The following terms are valid for the purchased tubes to create: tags, web design, blog layouts, covers and others designs to be used in any social network or web.
You need to read and understand these terms for the correct use of the digital product.

The tubes are for Personal Use Only, here's the TOU:

* S&CO Artist digital tubes are not to be used in a web design/blog layout "for sale" or exposed in a website that require a fee to join.
* S&CO allows the tubes to be used in a website/blog with a donation button if it's not mandatory to join.
* Credit the digitals tubes from the S&CO Artist in the following manner:

©Artists name, www.artists or store URL , (your SNCo license number)

*Your SNCo license number MUST be clearly legible on all of your digital creations. 
This includes, but is not limited to tags, web sets, blog layout, facebook pages or other social network pages, personal websites, other website layouts or skins, banners and any other digital type of design.

* You may put tagged, created, designed by_____ and your watermark on your tags, however you MAY NOT put a copyright symbol next to your name.
* You may not place your personal, group or website URL on your tags.
* You must place the Artist URL on your design, but if you create a Facebook Timeline: ©Artists Name at scraps n company.
* You may add credit for scrap kits and backgrounds in the following manner: scrap kit by______.
* You may not receive monetary compensation for tubes or images, tags, stationary or web sets created with any artist of S&CO.
* You may not share tubes or images in anyway be it via email, disk, file sharing site.
* Full animation is allowed as long as the animation is respectful to the artist work. 
* You may change the color of a tube to black and white. If the tube is black and white you are allowed to colorize. Note: on normal tubes (full colored) you can't change the original colors.
* You may place small elements on tubes to “cover up” prohibited body parts. This is to allow for rated R or PG-13 tubes in more modest groups.
* You may not “mix” tubes from any other licensing company artists or free to use artists with S&CO artists tubes in your creations, however you may mix tubes from different S&CO artists. You MUST provide copyright information for all artists used in the tag.
* You may use your own photography or stock photography with S&CO artists tubes in your creations. You must add that credit as follows: Photo courtesy of -or- photo by
* You may not create BLANK tags, stationery, etc. There MUST be “prominent” text on your creation besides the required copyright information. You MUST have type such as your name, “Hello”, “Happy Birthday”.
* Any stationery (stats) created featuring S&CO Artists MUST contain copyright credits in two places.
1. In the creation.
2. In the credits at the bottom of the stat.

* S&CO tubes are household valid. We will allow members of the same household to purchase tubes for the entire household to share however each household member MUST have their own unique license number, only one license number allowed per registered user. ( YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO HAVE 2 OR MORE ACCOUNTS PER PERSON)

* Note: Some of our Artists have R or PG-13 rated material on their websites. We are aware that website with “Adult Content” are not allowed in some groups. Therefore is not require to place the Artists URL on the tag.